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    iBook CD/DVD bundled burning software

    Hello everyone

    So i'm saving for a 14" iBook (Combi or Superdrive) - As i need a laptop . Use Linux at work and at home and love it, but don't think a Linux laptop is the best solution as need powerpoint for presentations and stuff (At least that's my excuse!)

    What comes with the iBook in terms of CD/DVD burning software. Will I have to buy toast or other software to:

    1) Make data CD/DVDs

    2) Do direct CD to CD or DVD to DVD copying.

    (I want to be able to take copies of my CD/DVDs with me when travelling or to keep in the car rather than the real thing. Likewise to use at the office where I work. i.e. Fair use copying rather than stealling!)

    Can OSX do this directly? or do I need a nero clone? I know iTune can burn CDs of your playlists - but with a small hard drive I would just like to copy the CD with out going through the "middle man" and keeping them on my HD as well.

    Thanks for your help!

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    iBook CD/DVD bundled burning software
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    you can burn data dvds or cds ni the finder, and I think you can copy cds using disk utility, im not sure about dvds since most are protected and must be ripped and cant be just copied.

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