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    My macbook keyboard is out of whack

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    Jul 06, 2008
    My macbook keyboard is out of whack
    I must have hit a button by accident because my 6 does not work, but when I hit the O key 6 comes up. And when I hit P "*" comes up. I noticed the small "*" on the P key and other small symbols on the bottom of certain keys which means I hit something by accident. Can someone tell me how to switch it back.Thank you.

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    My macbook keyboard is out of whack
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    Download and use Mainmenu's maintenance scripts and see if that helps puts things back in order:

    I run the "Execute Batch Tasks" every day or two to keep OS X and my hard drive in good shape. Maybe it will help your keyboard...


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    My macbook keyboard is out of whack
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    take off number lock. or f6.

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