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    Question Upgrading my iMac G3 for DVD movies
    Hi, I have an iMac G3/350MHz (M7667D/A) 64 MB, 512 k, 7GB, 8MB SGRAM, CD 56 K, (no DVD-Rom) and I'd love to watch DVD movies, I have no idea what to do, how much I'd need to invest, I'd really appreciate ideas, comments, information, everything you more experienced Mac users have to say.

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    The easiest solution is to get an external DVD drive, or preferably DVD burner if your budget allows.

    There is a way to replace internal drive, but it's not for light hearted. iMac is not designed to be expanded that way. I have an eMac, and in order to replace its drive I need to open the case, remove the speakers, remove the heat shields, remove the heat sink, remove the motherboard, remove the drive assembly, then I can see where the optical drive is. I don't expect iMac is much more easier.

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    Upgrading my iMac G3 for DVD movies

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    there are someplaces that do sell DVD players for iMacs and will even install them for you i think. The place is techwarehousellc or something like that. They also sell G4 upgrades for the iMac.

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    Check this link to MCE: Listed price is $350 US$. While replacing a drive in an iMac is not as simple as other macs, it can be done if you procede carefully. MCE provides clear, step-by-step instructions. I replaced the CD reader in my tray-loading (333mhz) with an MCE CD-RW two years ago and have never had a problem. 64 mg of RAM is barely adequate, you should also upgrade the RAM to 256 mg or higher if you can afford it.
    If you want to get a preview of the work involved to open up an iMac you can download an Apple service manual for your model at:
    I'm not sure what current RAM prices are but the entire upgrade should be around $500 to $550 total.

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