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Thread: Sick of G5

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    Unhappy Sick of G5
    Last month i bought the Powermac G5 1.6 and i have 1 gb ram on it. Not a single day i enjoy my system , when i come from work i switch it on and some time it takes 10 to 20 minutes to boot and some time never boot apple logo come and wheel under logo moving and last night i left it about 45 minutes all fans gone high but nothing came up and i installed the os x again, now i really scare to boot caz i know it not gonna boot i changed the start up disk, disk adminstration, repair disk every sigle option is there i used it and try to boot it but nothing happen
    I am using Panther 10.3. I have Lacie usb2 external drive and i switch it off that maybe caz of that drive its not booting. but i really cant figure it out where is the problem
    if some1 can help me i will highley Appreciate that.

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    wow... well the only option I see... is ship me your g5 and I will love it even in its crippled state.


    ship it to apple, take it to an apple store, or call the support line

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    If you're having problems like that you should definitely be contacting Apple right away. I have the same G5 and it boots up in about 30 seconds with only 512MB of RAM. I have had the fan problem too but after doing a clean install of Panther I haven't had the problem.

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    You may want to try reducing your ram and trying to boot then. it could be that one the ram's isn't functioning currectly. Try it out.

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    faster u get it to apple the better, if yer not really experienced with trouble shooting.

    Personally, I wouldn't have let a month go by like this =P. Could be some bad hardware, could be you need to format and reinstall, but I'd do something quickly while things are under warranty.

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    My dualy G5 works fine, but yeah, my best guess is that there's some bad hardware that somehow got out of the factory. There is the chance that your Panther is bad. There has been a few complaints about Panther booting.

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