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Thread: Photoshop or could it be graphic card problem?

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    Photoshop or could it be graphic card problem?
    System: iMax (27 inch late 2012). Memory: 16gm.
    OS: High Sierra 10.13.5
    Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048mb (with latest driver)
    Photoshop CC 19.1.5 (latest release)

    For the last 3 or 4 days I have been having various problems with Photoshop (see below).

    A couple of people have mentioned that with this computer it is known that the graphics card can come loose from the mother board due to the heat that builds up during use, and highly suspect that is the problem.

    However, if it were the graphics card, would it not effect other things on my computer too? My lightroom and other graphic programs are working fine.

    I upgraded Photoshop at the same time as installing a new extension. I noticed the following problems at that time. I have tried uninstalling Adobe CC in its entirety and starting completely fresh, but it has not helped. I also tried installing previous version with no plugins/extensions, and that didn't help either.

    1. Start screen does not always appear. When opening PS first time of day it will display the start screen. Most of the other times it does not. Nor does it show if I close all files. The problem’s actually intermittent as another time I closed all files the start screen appeared, but most times it doesn’t! It is definitely checked in preferences.

    2. I previously organised all my brushes and then exported them to retain the folders. I imported those to my fresh copy then quit PS in order to save them. Next time I opened they were not saved. Imported just 1 'folder', quit PS, reopened and it was fine. Imported more, quit, reopened and all gone again.

    3. Layers. When clicking the eye to hide a layer it doesn’t always work (intermittent problem again, but most times doesn’t). I click to hide and then have to select another layer before it will hide. Same as when clicking to display, I have to select another layer in order for it to appear. Just found out that this also happens when changing the blend mode. In order for it to take effect I have to select a different layer.

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    The three problem sound like problems with the software, not the hardware. I would uninstall, reboot and reinstall it from scratch. If that doesn't fix it, go to Adobe to get help. None of the problems have anything to do with the graphics card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacInWin View Post
    The three problem sound like problems with the software, not the hardware. I would uninstall, reboot and reinstall it from scratch. If that doesn't fix it, go to Adobe to get help. None of the problems have anything to do with the graphics card.
    Thanks. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled (3 times!), and reset preferences and anything else I can think of LOL!

    I have posted to Adobe, who replied yesterday asking me to login as root and see if it still behaves the same. Probs 1 & 2 did but 3 did seem to be ok. They haven't come back to me since I reported that. Instead somebody else came back and said they had similar problems with a 2012 computer and it turned out to be graphics card. I just find that hard to believe, but am getting nowhere fast!

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    Doing some research on your model iMac and its graphic card shows that the card is soldered to the motherboard. Apple has had ongoing problems with various graphic cards on MacBook Pro models and iMacs because of the poor quality of unleaded solder that was used. As a matter of fact, Apple had a recall on your model iMac because of defective graphic cards but the recall was only for the AMD video cards not the nVidia.

    If it's possible, take your iMac to your nearest Apple Store and have them run diagnostics on it. The diagnostics are free at an Apple store, however, lugging a 27" iMac to the store is no easy task.

    More than likely the problem is software related but I mention the above just in case nothing else works for you.

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    Try a new user account on your iMac?
    -- Bob --
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    Hi, yes i have this suggestion that, if you,re graphics & other programs are working ok, & your graphic card is working fine, then there must be problem with your photoshop.

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    I use Photoshop CC - latest release - at work. I don't recall any issues like you are describing and I did several projects Thursday (7/12) involving layers, brushes, etc. I use a 2010 Mac Pro with a Nvidia 1080 card.

    I have found that depending on the version, I have had various issues crop up. There have been times I have felt like pulling my hair out because a new version proves to be flakey. The app crashing is my biggest issue when a version is acting up. Usually what I do is go back to a previous version. On my Mac Pro I must have at least six older version because I never remove them and it seems the CC updater just leaves them. I even have my old CS6 version.

    Do you have any older versions available and if so can you try one of them to see if the problems persist?

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