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Thread: Using Logic (with update) - Mac Pro 12 Core 2.7 Vs 8 Core 3.0

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    Question Using Logic (with update) - Mac Pro 12 Core 2.7 Vs 8 Core 3.0
    Hello I need to purchase a new MAC PRO asap for work and have a quick question before I do so!

    For Pro Audio what would be better? Less cores with a higher clock speed as i understand Logic up until now has only had 8 usable cores!
    Or a 12 core - as i hear it is rumored that a new version with 36 usable cores will be available soon for the new iMac Pro!

    I'm not massively knowledgable with regards to hardware so may be a silly question but will the 8 core still be better for pro Audio - or will the 12 core now be more powerful with he new update?

    Thank you,


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    I recalled hearing logic X would support up to 36 cores already, but wanted to have a peek, I couldn't find the info on apple's site but this site reports it as true: not sure about previous versions. But logic X is so cheap it makes sense to update!

    It may be not a simple answer, it may depend on just how great a difference the clock speeds we're talking about, but most peers I know tend to look for systems with lots more cores, as logic does have a fairly robust utility to manage multi-core usage.

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