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    Angry Mac G4 not starting up!
    I went on a short vacation and so I unplugged all my computers, the modem, and the phone line to the modem.

    My backup computer is a G4 Mirrored Door Drive. I've never had any issues with it. But when I came back this time it won't start up: It gives a 2-second "whirrrrr....." and then nothing.

    I fear the worst, but any thoughts?

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    I'm not familiar enough with that old a machine, but it does sound like your G4 power supply may have decided to die. Some of our members are much more versed on Mac dinosaurs than I am, so hang on for more answers.

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    I fear the worst, but any thoughts?
    Leave it plugged into a powered receptacle overnight and try again.

    It may give the PRAM battery enough of a charge to allow it to startup.

    If that doesn't work, replace the PRAM battery,

    I'm sure it will be a 3,6v 1/2AA battery that most normal computer shops should carry and $10.00 or less.

    I still have the last 1.25Ghz MMD dual-boot model sitting under my wife's desk but unused. Its PRAM battery will also no doubt be kaput!!

    Good luck.

    Here's a video as to how to replace ie:

    Maybe Jony Ive could take note that the access door just swings down and the PRAM battery and all the rest of the innards are right there. They way all Macs should still work with maybe some variations!!!


    - Patrick
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