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Thread: Late-2015 27" iMac insides...

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    Lightbulb Late-2015 27" iMac insides...
    I'm working with a late-2015 27" iMac with a 4.0 processor and 16 G of RAM.

    The user bought this machine with the 256 flash option. The only drive in this machine is the 256 G flash drive.

    I know these machines are outfitted to also carry a platter drive, either on its own or as a "Fusion Drive".

    I am supposing that this machine has a 256 flash drive down behind the logic board. That would mean the space where the hard drives goes is unoccupied. I am also aware that they don't have different logic boards for different configurations. That means the logic board in this machine is ready to receive a second drive. So, here is my question:

    Is everything else there for me to put a drive in place? What I'm really asking is: is the connector cable there? I'm assuming I can buy the rubber housing and bands online. But, that connector cable, is it there? Or do I need to order that as well? Can I?

    Any insights, especially from folks who have done this before, are welcome.


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    Follow these instructions to take the iMac apart and see what it looks like inside and decide how you should proceed.

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    Yeah. I was looking at that last night. Those take-apart and replacement guides are quite good.

    I was hoping somebody here has specific knowledge about the parts available inside this machine with this configuration. Then I can know what to buy ahead of time, if anything.

    I suspect this will help:

    I know I'll need this for sure with a third-party drive:

    I just want to find out about that first piece. Moreover, on the very slim chance if is a different logic board that does NOT have that second drive hook-up, I wanna know now.

    Basically, I want to know everything I can before I peal that darn screen off.

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    Give OWC (Mac Sales) support a call and ask their tech support about their mounting kit. They have a toll free number and their support staff is top notch. I believe you will need the mounting kit but am not 100% sure that the mounting bracket is there or not. Anyway, OWC support will be able to tell you one way or the other.

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    For comparison, check DVwarehouse:

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