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Thread: Brand New MacBookPro 13 inch, but now I'm locked out after a security update.

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    Brand New MacBookPro 13 inch, but now I'm locked out after a security update.
    Evening all.

    So, setting up the MacBookPro which arrived today, it wanted a security update so I went with that.

    Mac turned off then on again and now, well how am I supposed to log in as the few passwords I have ever used are not gaining me access.

    Is there a way via my other MBP or the iPad to have a look at the Key Chain, is this where it would be stored?

    I foolishly agreed to one of the Mac's suggestion of using its own recommended password, but can't recall what password this was for, but now I'm thinking it must therefore have been for this machine.

    First time and last I can assure you!

    How do I retrieve my pass word?


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    Reset your password using these instructions and set it to a password you can remember.

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    It may be set up to use your Apple ID password, did you try that?
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