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    Help me make this decision getting the imac?
    Hello guys,

    I am having a bit of a dilemma.

    I have always used a pc, and recently got introduced my freinds powerbook g4. I fell in love with the simplicity and look of the mac. But i am a bit worried how well is my investment going to be. I am thinking of buying the 17 inch Imac Intel duo core for myself. I have been reading reviews pros and cons but it is all gibirish to me because I am unable to rate it. I am used to rating pc's example p4 is better than p3 etc...

    The applications I use are Macromedia dreamweaver mx 2004, adobe photoshop CS and basic word, email flash applications. Also I want to be able to play high quality atleast high quality video games like battlefield 1942.

    Currently I have a p4 1.8 750 ddr ram with 40 gb hard drive.

    Someone please help me out in terms of perfomance, durability, usability etc..

    I have heard people say that mac's are all show and nothing else but i beg to differ because my freind told me his powerbook has never crashed.

    So if anyone would like to give me an unbiased opnion I will be soo happy. I am unable to make this decision due to the lack of knowledge i have for mac's

    Thank you for your time.

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    And one more thing,

    I have a 5.1 logitech speaker system with subwoofers. Will that work with the Imac, if not what do I have to get/do to make it work with the imac.

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    Basically, Apple has recently switched to intel chips instead of PowerPC chips. They anticipate every Apple product being transfered over by the end of the year. Software and 3rd part companies may take a little longer, but by this time next year for sure. The iMac was the first machine to see the transition. If you buy an intel iMac, you have apple's latest processor utilization, as well as one of the best computers they have ever made. You will be able to play Battlefield 1942 at high specifications easily, and you can run Adobe, although it will be emulated, since the intel swich is still in progress, all applications arent native. Your speaker system will work, as long as it has a 1/8mm jack. The iMac will be much faster, and infinetly more usable than your current computer, mainly because of OSX. The 17" iMac has a 160gig HD, 4x bigger than your curren HD. I would add a 1gig stick of ram to your machine, to have 1.5gigs total. Switch, you wont regret it.

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    Found my answer

    any more suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddysheikh
    Found my answer

    any more suggestions?
    My vote would also be to get a new iMac Core Duo. If you can afford the 20" iMac, make sure you get the 256mb video card. Are you a student? They have pretty good student discounts available too. My only concern is whether the games you want will run on the Core Duo under Rosetta; look into that before deciding.

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    Friend, I've had my 17" Duo for one week after having used PCs for 10+ years (I'm 18)...


    The only thing I miss about my PC was the range of games (which I shortly got over after discovering that there are so many PRODUCTIVE programs that are just as fun to use as games, but can be useful to you.. like music and movie editors, etc)..

    Get the mac. I will NEVER buy a PC again.

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    glad to hear it brian.. lol
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