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    Power Mac 7500 series
    I have an old Powermac 7500 computer which seems to have died on me. When I press the 'on' keyboard button, or the 'on/off button on the CPU an hold it down, a green light flickers on and off but neither the computer, keyboard, monitor or printer come on. I suspect it is the power supply that has failed, or am I wrong?
    Does anyone out there have any knowledge and if so, is the CPU uneconomic to repair?

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    My guess is that it is the power supply or a loose connection. Open up the case, and then flip the drive compartment over and check to make sure are connections are secure and try it again. If it doesn't work you can buy one here.

    It is a small probability, but it could also be a motherboard problem. If the computer was zapped in a power outage, it coulkd have fried some main components. This is unlikely, but is a possibility.

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