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    Buying new iMac mainly for Logic Studio Pro - help needed!
    Hi there,

    I am brand new to this forum and need some advice.

    I am planning on buying a brand new iMac with the following specs:
    2.5GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
    1920 x 1080 resolution (21.5 inch screen)
    4GB (two 2GB) memory
    500GB hard drive
    AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB

    It is the entry level iMac model and I plan to run Logic Studio Pro 9 on it. The question is, does this have enough tech for Logic to run smoothly? Is this iMac fairly future proof?

    Will I be wasting my money if I upgrade to an i7 CPU and/or 8GB or RAM? Can you add extra RAM at a later date if necessary? Is 500GB big enough for a hard-drive?

    Huge thanks for any help given!

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    That mac should be fine, I would add more RAM but buy and install it yourself, extra RAM from Apple comes at a premium price and it is much cheaper to source your own RAM upgrade from Crucial or Other World Computing
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