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    Eizo or Viewsonic for a Mac mini ?
    HI, my first post here. Hope will not do mistakes.
    I am planning a mini purchase and need to identify a 17" LCD to mate.

    I amp pointing at Eizo or Viewsonic as heard Samsung cannot be used with its software to control colors.
    I have the fear that any of the newest LCD gives best results only using its software and I have not idea when Eizo or Viewsonic offer this chance.

    Could anybody comment pls?

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    I love Viewsonic, and would choose one over any other brand (other than apple)

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    I am currently using a 17" Viewsonic flat panel (VA721) that I borrowed from the office while I wait for my Dell display to come in.

    I'm actually considering returning the Dell before it gets here and saving the $550.

    I'm sure it's going to be better and of course bigger, but I'm thinking of picking one of these up for less than 1/2 the cost.

    In short, It's a **** good display for not too much money.


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