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    Powermac G5 reinstalling Leopard issues
    I'm trying to reinstall Leopard on a used G5 computer I just picked up yesterday. After some faulty tweaking that cause some issues, I'm cutting my losses and reinstalling Leopard. Unfortunately, the computer is outdated and won't install from either an external harddrive or a copy of Leopard burnt on a DVD-R DL. The dvd drive does not recognize the install disc, a DVD-R Dual Layer disc.

    I don't want to drop another $150-200 on a hard-to-find copy of Leopard when I have a back up here. What is the easiest method of installing Leopard? Replacing the DVD drive with a newer super drive? If so, will there be a compatibility conflict and/or misalign with the casing?

    Can I install a second hard drive through SATA and install Leopard on it? I'm not sure if it'll me an error like the External Firewire 400/800 drive did.

    What are my options? Thank you for your responses.

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    Sounds like a media problem and we do not what to know where you got it.

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