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    mac mini second display
    I have a mac mini - new one running slow leopard. I have one monitor connected from mini-dvi to dvi on that monitor.

    I just bought a mini display port to vga adapter and connected that to my other monitor. It worked and i had two displays, but i couldnt select the correct resolution on the vga monitor - so i used switch res x - which also worked after a reboot (although the resolution seemed to stretch a big larger than the monitor size - so when i full screen an app, i lose the edges and the scroll bar ?? why is this?)

    Anyway....everything was fine, i left my computer and it went to sleep - when i came back - the vga monitor didnt wake up. And now it wont come back. The monitor says there is no signal coming into VGA port. So the mac is no longer producing a signal at the mini display port !!

    Anybody know why or how i might go about fixing this? Can the port be enabled/disabled somewhere?


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    While i have nil experience with Intel Mini's, i had that dance with a PPC unit. While monitor resolution was within Apples spec when it opened into a non standard Apple resolution it worked on first set up but when restarting it could not find the resolution and remained blank. Even with SwitchRes the higher resolution never worked reliably. Once it failed in the higher resolution the problem was resetting back to a lower resolution - i ended up using 2 monitors - a smaller Apple to do the reset and then try again to get it to do the higher Philips resolution. End result - gave up.

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    Maybe do a hardware test from your startup discs?

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    Nov 10, 2009
    I took the adapter back to apple and got a new one. New one works fine.

    So it seems my adapter broke within the hour! How strange - I hope it doesn't break again when it goes to sleep.

    Also, i decided to buy the mini display port to DVI adapter - that one supports my native monitor resolution of 1680*1050, whereas the VGA one doesn't. A bit strange. see i have 2 monitors with a mac and pc hooked up to both - so i have dual screens on either machine. But i only have 1 vga and 1 dvi port on each monitor. I guess the pc is gonna get the vga port now.


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