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    Midi connection for Mac mini?

    What is the best way to add a midi connection to the Mac mini. I have a Korg keyboard/synth and I'd like to see what it can do with GarageBand. I am new to the Mac world and have connected lots of midi devices to PC's using the joystick connector.

    Does someone make a Midi-USB connector?


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    i know you can get an adapter that converts the midi plug to usb, also you could run it through a usb audio interface or a preamp... I have a usb/midi keyboard running through a m-audio fastrack preamp and it works excellent... i can also run my mic and guitar through the preamp with some excellent quality....

    hope that helps. Enjoy your mac

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    There may be others out there but:

    In particular for just a single Keyboard

    I hope that helps.

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    Midi connection for Mac mini?

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I purchased a M-Audio Audiophile USB interface and should get it next week. It looked a little more substantial than the Edirol UA-20. I'm anxious to get into the Garage with the Band.

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