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    G3 to G4 HD swap
    I have a blue and white G3 tower that has essentially become useless. I'm scavenging the RAM, but I'm also wondering if it's even possible to put it's 10 GB harddrive in a dual 450 MHz G4 that I'm upgrading to. There's room for 2 more drives in the G4, but I wasn't sure if the G3 HD would be compatible.

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    if the pins match up, then it will work. many G3 still used SCSI HDs, but the blue and white should use IDE interface, just as the G4 450 did.

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    I'm fairly certain it isn't SCSI, so I guess I'm good. At least, I'll find out tonight...


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    You should have no problems. Just be sure to get the jumpers right.

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