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    buy Imac now or after new year?
    Hey everyone,
    Been thinking of getting an imac for a while to replace our dying g4 1.2 laptop. Managed to keep it alive by replacing dead keyboard off of my older g3! That said, my computer skillz are indeed limited, I don't need a whole lot, but don't want to buy right before an upgrade hits. The imac top line got the nvidia chip,should I wait till the new year for any trickle down? I shoot and scan film(gasp!) so I don't need much, but looking to upgrade to epson v700-maybe 750 scanner, scanning medium format images anywhere from 50mb to over 100mb files and want to be able to flog them in photoshop. Was thinking of the 2.66 2gb 2600, would that be plenty for my needs?

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    Im also in the way to get an iMac, can't have my MBP as a desktop anymore...i need a desktop machine and i wish i could affort MacPro atm.

    Anyhow, as the Macrumors guide says, don't buy an iMac yet, because along with the MacPros and the Mac Mini, they are getting an update, hopefully this January...
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    I'd wait until MacWorld in January, if you can wait and don't desperately need it now.

    Chances of any upgrades then are very slim though, and there's not much they can upgrade anyway until Core i7 comes out in spring. But no harm in waiting if you can.

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    Buy now and ease the pain, you'll love an iMac anyway.


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    Buy it whenever you want/need it and can afford it.
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