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Thread: G4 fell over

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    G4 fell over
    Hi guys, Im new to macs and I just started a job where I manage nothing but macs Anyhow, this morning one of the guys knocked over a g4 and now it wont turn on, I opened it up and checked all the peripherals and wires. The mainboard shows a red light and nothing else. The moniter comes up gray with a folder in the middle and a flashing question mark and then the finder symbol. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks a million

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    G4 fell over
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    look and see if the HD is plugged in because that ? in the folder means that the computer cannot find the OS and that is a bad thing

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    G4 fell over
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    If the hard drive is still plugged in you might have to reinstall the software unless you have a program that can recover the data on the hard drive.

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    G4 fell over
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    Being a sudden jolt, it could have caused a head crash which would make the hard drive inoperable.
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    G4 fell over
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    Quote Originally Posted by immdb
    Being a sudden jolt, it could have caused a head crash which would make the hard drive inoperable.
    I agree.
    If the HD cable is correctly fixed, and it still shows the "?" means it can't find a system on the HD. And a sudden jolt while accessing the HD can cause it's immediate destruction.

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